China News Service, October 25 (Xinhua) According to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the 24th local time, the scale of the United Auto Workers (UAW) strike expanded again. About 5,000 workers at the General Motors Texas plant joined the strike, making the UAW strike total The number exceeds 45,000 people.


According to previous reports, in mid-September, a large number of American auto workers went on strike because United Auto Workers union employees and the three major automakers including Ford failed to reach a new labor agreement through negotiations. The strike aims to obtain higher wages and benefits for auto workers.

Data released by Anderson Economic Group on the 23rd showed that so far, the general strike has caused losses of US$9.3 billion to the US auto industry, including US$488 million in lost wages by striking auto workers and US$4.18 billion in losses by the three major automobile companies.