Every time I commute work, I can see the working people at the bottom doing the hardest work.

When I go to work in the morning, I saw a group of workers in leather uniforms entering the well with tools. The well was filled with the dirtiest sewage, but they bravely completed the task.

At noon on the weekend, I saw a group of workers building the highway, their skin was old and dark. They stand against the big sun and contribute to the country.

I get off work walk on Baosteel’s road, I can often see some workers wearing Baosteel overalls riding the oldest bicycles with impressive kettles hanging from them.

Also have many these people to do the hardest work with meager wages. Without them, the order of the country cannot function normally. Without them, our customers’ steel products could not be delivered on time, because they still wear long-sleeved work clothes in summer, and the warehouse has no air conditioner, only a few fans. Every time I see a customer’s steel products being delivered smoothly, cannot do without these workers. Although they don’t have any great culture, they have technology and hands. For a better life and for their responsibility, they bear the heat that we can’t bear. They deserve to be respected.