On October 26, local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin inspected the Korolev Energy Rocket and Space Group in Moscow Oblast. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Manturov and Roscosmos President Borisov accompanied him and showed Putin the completed Russian orbital space station module. Russian astronauts will use a Russian-made space station after withdrawing from the International Space Station project.


During a discussion with workers in the space and rocket field that day, Putin said that he expected the first part of the Russian space station to be launched into orbit in 2027.

Putin also said during the discussion that he was sad about the crash of the “Luna-25” probe, but it was also an experience. Russia will not stop the lunar exploration project and will continue it. Borisov, President of Roscosmos, subsequently stated that the launch of Russia’s next lunar probe, Luna-26, may be advanced from 2027 to 2026.

After the inspection and discussion, Putin held a working meeting in the aerospace field. Putin said at the meeting that although Russia has decided to extend its participation in the International Space Station project until 2028, this move is only a temporary transitional step and Russia should develop its own orbital space station.