Pressure vessel steel refers to special steel used to make pressure vessels. Generally refers to strength steel. In order to meet different design and manufacturing requirements, a series of steel grades are available according to strength levels, including carbon and low-alloy high-strength grades.
This type of steel has strict requirements on chemical composition and quality control. It must ensure minimum strength and sufficient toughness to be suitable for welding. If necessary, it must meet special performance requirements at high and low temperatures. Commonly used steels for pressure vessels include carbon steel and low alloy steel plates for pressure vessels specified in GB6654, low alloy steel plates for multi-layer pressure vessels specified in GB6655, steel plates for welded gas cylinders specified in GB6653, and low-temperature pressure vessels specified in GB3531. Use low alloy steel and alloy steel thick steel plates, etc. In addition, the high-pressure vessels required by some special devices (such as chemical industry, petroleum, aerospace, aviation, ships, etc.) also use special quality high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel.