Of the main materials used today, steel is one of the ones with the lowest CO2 emissions per ton of material produced. However, due to the large-scale use of steel, the steel industry must reduce its impact on the environment and continue to explore various decarbonization paths.


Reducing CO2 emissions cannot rely on just one solution.


Adopting circular principles is an important part of transforming industry and society and is an important enabler of achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.


Steel is a permanent material that can be recycled over and over again without losing its properties, making it critical to a circular economy.


Currently, the steel industry is continuing to increase the supply of advanced high-strength steel, which can reduce the weight of steel products and help promote the development of a circular economy.


A circular economy can bring many benefits, including providing durable goods to society, providing local jobs, reducing carbon emissions and saving raw materials for future generations.