Pure titanium TA2 is a titanium alloy material with high purity, also known as pure titanium TA2 grade. TA2 is a commonly used grade of pure titanium in the world, where TA stands for titanium (Titanium), and 2 means that the content of impurity elements in the alloy is less than 0.25%. Pure titanium TA2 has high strength, good corrosion resistance and heat treatment performance, and is often used in the manufacture of aerospace, chemical and medical fields.

Among various titanium materials, especially in the chemical industry, TA2 titanium plate is widely used for its low density (4.51KG/m3), high melting point (1660°C), strong corrosion resistance and high specific strength. With the increasing demand for industrial pure titanium, scholars at home and abroad pay more and more attention to the research on the properties of pure titanium, and regard it as an important frontier field of non-ferrous metal materials research.

With the increase of interstitial impurity elements in industrial pure titanium, its mechanical strength and hardness also gradually increase, but its plasticity and toughness decrease accordingly. In industry, the commonly used industrial pure titanium is TA2, because of its moderate corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties. When the wear resistance and strength requirements are high, TA3 can be selected. For better formability requirements, TA1 can be selected. When the iron content ω of TA1 and TA2 is 0.095%, the oxygen content u is 0.08%, the hydrogen content u is 0.0009% and the nitrogen content u is 0.0062%, they have good low temperature toughness and high and low temperature strength, and can be used as low temperature structural materials Use below -253°C.

Chemical composition of pure titanium TA2



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Physical properties of pure titanium TA2



physical properties


melting point

4.51 g/cm3



Mechanical Properties of Pure Titanium TA2

alloy state


Specified non-proportional tensile strength



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Solution treatment




Heat Treatment of Pure Titanium TA2

TA2 is an alpha-beta type pure titanium alloy, which is commonly used in the manufacture of various parts and materials. The heat treatment of pure titanium TA2 can be carried out by the following steps:

Solution Treatment: Heating the TA2 material to an appropriate temperature, usually between 980-1000°C, and maintaining it for a certain period of time, the purpose is to completely dissolve the troubled phase in the alloy in the solid solution.

Water quenching and cooling: the heat-treated material is quickly put into cold water for quenching, so as to quickly cool the solid solution and maintain a uniform structure.

Aging Treatment: Reheat the material after water quenching to an appropriate temperature, usually between 450-550°C, and keep it for a certain period of time to form a stable eutectoid phase in the solid solution to improve the strength of the material and hardness.

The above is a typical heat treatment method for TA2 pure titanium, and the specific treatment parameters and time can be adjusted according to different applications and requirements. The pure titanium TA2 material after heat treatment has high strength and hardness, and is suitable for various applications requiring high strength and corrosion resistance.

Welding and Processing of Pure Titanium TA2

Pure titanium TA2 is a commonly used industrial pure titanium material with good corrosion resistance, strength and welding performance. The following are the welding and processing methods of pure titanium TA2:

Welding method:

Argon arc welding: Argon arc welding is a common welding method for pure titanium TA2. When welding, it is necessary to use pure titanium TA2 electrode or wire, and use pure titanium TA2 as a filler material. During argon arc welding, it is necessary to establish a pure inert gas protection zone around the welding area to prevent the entry of impurities such as oxygen and nitrogen, which will affect the welding quality.

Welding parameters: During argon arc welding, parameters such as welding current, voltage and welding speed need to be well controlled to ensure the quality of welded joints. The size of welding current and voltage needs to be adjusted according to the specifications and requirements of specific welding materials.

Wird bearbeitet:

Commercially pure titanium usually needs to undergo two meltings, at least one of which is in a vacuum consumable electrode electric arc furnace. Castings are usually produced in vacuum shell furnaces. Industrial pure titanium can be hot-worked and cold-worked. Since titanium easily absorbs oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen during heating, resulting in a decrease in plasticity and performance, it is necessary to maintain a neutral or weakly oxidizing atmosphere during heating, try to avoid using a reducing atmosphere, and absolutely do not use hydrogen for heating. Hot processing such as forging, extrusion, rolling and stretching can be carried out on conventional equipment, and the temperature range is 800-900 °C. During cold working, when the cold working rate reaches a certain value (for example, 30% to 60%), intermediate annealing should be carried out.

Application fields of pure titanium TA2

Pure titanium TA2 has a wide range of applications, mainly including the following aspects:

Aerospace field: Pure titanium TA2 has the characteristics of low density, high strength, and good corrosion resistance. It is widely used in the aerospace industry for the manufacture of aircraft structural parts, aero-engine parts, satellites and space vehicles.

Medical devices: Pure titanium TA2 has the characteristics of good biocompatibility, light weight, and easy processing, and is widely used in the field of medical devices. For example, for the manufacture of bone contact materials, artificial joints, dental restoration materials, etc.

Chemical field: Pure titanium TA2 has good corrosion resistance, and is widely used in the chemical industry to produce containers, reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks, pipelines and other equipment, and its corrosion resistance is better than that of stainless steel.

Energy field: Pure titanium TA2 has excellent high temperature resistance and high strength, and is widely used in energy development fields, such as nuclear energy equipment, petrochemical equipment, etc.

Sporting goods: Pure titanium TA2 has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and is used in the manufacture of high-performance sporting goods, such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, bicycle frames, etc.

In short, pure titanium TA2 has a wide range of applications, and with its good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, it can meet the material requirements of various fields.