Application fields of cold-rolled 400 series stainless steel plates:

The main products of automobile exhaust systems cover the countries (35% of the United States, 40% of the European Union, and 100% of Japan). The high temperature section is above 600°C. Considering thermal fatigue, it is used for exhaust straight pipes (409L, 436L, 444). Low temperature section below 600℃, used for front muffler, tail pipe, catalytic converter, etc. (439, 441, 429); Home appliance industry: microwave oven liner (430, 430BA), washing machine inner barrel (430, 439, 430J1), LCD display Plate and frame (409L), detachable range hood (430, 439); the hardware industry mainly includes: tableware, kitchen sinks, soup utensils, composite pot bottoms, etc. (430), heat-resistant appliances (409L, 444); gas Solar water heaters for appliances (444); Decorative materials industry: balcony railings (439) elevator doors (439, 440); construction industry: roof materials (445, 446M), combined water tanks, pools (444); refrigerated container shells ( 409L, 430), minting, etc. At present, medical institutions also widely use 430 steel to make medical cabinets, dissection tables, and disinfection pools.

Application fields of hot-rolled 400 series stainless steel coils:

Railway trucks, steam turbine blades, metallurgical equipment and tableware, knives and forks in the manufacturing industry, tool knives, high-strength martensitic stainless steel are used in thermal power generation accessories, etc. Ferritic stainless steel grade 444 can also be used in magnesium-based metallurgical furnaces and machined parts.

Application areas of 400 series stainless steel wire:

Electrical appliance shafts, standard parts, wire drawing, welding wire, specially shaped knives, forks, spoons, stainless steel cleaning balls, screens, etc.

Application fields of 400 series welded pipe:

Automobile exhaust pipes, oil pipes, casings, accessories, etc. in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.