On October 28, local time, according to multiple US media reports, after reaching a temporary agreement with Ford Motor Company, the United Auto Workers (UAW) also reached a temporary agreement with Strantis on the same day, ending a period of 6 weeks of strike.

According to people familiar with the matter, the agreement reached that day included an increase in hourly wages and living allowances in the more than four-year contract. Additionally, Strantis agreed to concessions on job security.

It is reported that the agreement will have to be approved by the union leadership and then voted on by Strantis’ 43,000 union members, a process that may take weeks.

Negotiations at General Motors are continuing and the two sides are trying to reach an agreement this weekend.

Because the three major automakers, General Motors, Ford and Stratis, could not meet auto workers’ demands for wage increases, unemployment insurance, and medical insurance, the United Auto Workers union organized workers to go on strike on September 15. As of October 19, the strike has caused losses to the U.S. auto industry of approximately US$9.3 billion.