Xinhua News Agency, Minsk, November 7 (Reporter Lu Jinbo) On the 7th, activities such as laying flowers to the Lenin statue were held across Belarus to commemorate the 106th anniversary of the October Revolution.

On the same day, representatives from the Communist Party of Belarus, the Youth League and other people from all walks of life gathered in the capital Minsk and presented baskets and flowers to the Lenin statue in front of the government building.

President Lukashenko of Belarus delivered a speech on the presidential website and pointed out that although the great October Revolution has been more than a hundred years ago, its ideals still have practical significance today. The October Revolution opened a new page in national history and provided impetus for the development of the Belarusian state and nation. He firmly believes that by understanding the past, safeguarding historical truth, and respecting and carrying forward the achievements of our predecessors, people can create a peaceful future for future generations.

Sokol, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus, spoke at the rally. He emphasized the importance of the October Revolution in human history and called on the Belarusian people to strengthen unity and support national policies.