Reports indicate that Macron will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but no further details were disclosed. Previously, Macron had stated in an interview that he planned to visit Israel in the near future, but only if “(the visit) can help achieve useful results.”

According to previous reports by multiple foreign media, European Commission President von der Leyen, European Parliament Speaker Metsoora, and Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tajani visited Israel earlier. In addition, US President Biden and British Prime Minister Sunak visited Israel on the 18th and 19th respectively.

According to previous reports by foreign media, Hamas launched a rocket attack on Israel from the Gaza Strip on the 7th of this month. Israel subsequently also carried out attacks on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, and a new round of conflict between Palestine and Israel broke out. Based on information released by Israel and Palestine, the conflict has so far killed more than 6,100 people on both sides and injured more than 10,000 people.