China News Service, Moscow, December 4th: Russian President Vladimir Putin stated at the Kremlin in Moscow on the 4th that Russia is willing to establish constructive partnerships with all countries and will not accept group confrontation.

According to the Kremlin website, Putin said that the world is in turmoil and is undergoing a fundamental change, but its main development trend is that a new and more just multipolar world order is replacing the old unipolar world system. He believes that although this process will not be smooth sailing, it will eventually be irreversible.

Putin pointed out that Russia has always pursued an independent, consistent and principle-based foreign policy, is open to establishing constructive partnerships with all countries, and does not accept group confrontation or any violation of the United Nations Charter. Russia has no prejudice against any country, let alone hostility. Russia also hopes that all countries will abide by the principle of equality and mutual benefit in establishing relations with Russia.

Putin reiterated that Russia is willing to develop close partnerships with all countries that move in the same direction with Russia. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Russia will continue to contribute to solving pressing regional and global issues, always defend a security concept that ensures equality and indivisibility, and is committed to building a world free from unfair competition, unilateral sanctions and politically motivated restrictions and a fair system of international economic relations. He also said that Russia will actively expand ties with foreign partners in the humanitarian and cultural fields.