Overseas Network, October 13th According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the strike by American auto workers continues to escalate. On the evening of October 11, local time, 8,700 auto workers at Ford Company in the United States launched a strike, resulting in the closure of Ford’s largest factory.

The strike action took place at the Ford Truck Plant in Kentucky, which produces heavy-duty trucks and expensive SUVs and has annual revenue of $25 billion (approximately 182.6 billion yuan). Ford said the move would endanger more than a dozen Ford factories and parts suppliers with more than 100,000 employees would also be implicated.

United Auto Workers President Sean Fein said in a video that the trigger for the action was the issue of wage quotes. Fein said that although the federation has been working with Ford, the company has not changed its offer or even participated in negotiations.

According to reports, since mid-September, the United Auto Workers Union has launched multiple strikes against Detroit’s three major automakers, aiming to improve the wages and working conditions of auto workers. So far, the number of strikes has risen to 33,700.