Recently, a speech made by American director Oliver Stone in 2017 was uncovered by netizens, and the video went viral on the Internet. In his speech, Oliver Stone sharply pointed out the fundamental reason why the United States loves war: it is not about who is the president, but this issue.

Oliver Stone pointed out at the time that the United States had spent a total of 14 trillion U.S. dollars on the 13 wars it launched in the past 30 years, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. It is these wars fought under the banner of “justice” that maintain the American system:

“Please remember that the United States has waged 13 wars in the past 30 years, costing a total of 14 trillion U.S. dollars and causing tens of thousands of deaths. Remember, this is not a question of who is president, but a question of the system. , a problem for both Republicans and Democrats. A military-industrial, security, money, media complex, call it whatever you want. A so-called ‘just’ war fought in the name of our flag flying high. It’s the cover that keeps the system afloat.”

Oliver added, “For many people, the United States is increasingly prosperous. But this wealth does not prove that the American system can be the center of world values,because we continue to create chaos and war around the world.”……