This newspaper reported that on September 12, an academic seminar on intelligent manufacturing of automotive parts jointly organized by the China Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Baomarc Automotive Solutions S.p.A., and Baosteel European R&D Center was held at the Turin Industrial Association in Italy.

This seminar invited more than 100 representatives from the upstream and downstream of the industry chain such as Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom, research institutions, intelligent manufacturing solution providers, and automobile users to participate online or offline. Representatives at the meeting had a lively discussion focusing on “the bottlenecks, areas to be broken through and the resources required in promoting Industry 4.0 transformation in the auto parts industry” and “cooperation and combination of transformation and R&D projects”.

Liu Xiandong, director of Baosteel’s European R&D Center, said that the European auto parts manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented challenges and should actively explore digital transformation paths for the manufacturing process, as well as product solutions that are conducive to carbon emission reduction, to accelerate the reduction of carbon left footprints by the development of the industry.