According to a report by the German Press Agency on November 4, Kremlin spokesman Peskov publicly ridiculed speculation that Russian President Putin had a stand-in on the 4th.

“Experts are now confused, is it three or four? Who are we seeing every day?” Peskov told young people in Moscow, referring to rumors on social networks that Putin might have a stand-in. discuss. He said: “We only have one Putin!”

According to reports, Peskov said this at a forum event during which Russia’s large-scale achievement exhibition was held.

Peskov has repeatedly denied reports that Putin used a body double or fell ill.

According to reports, Putin himself has said that due to security concerns, he has been advised to use a stand-in in official appointments in the past. “The idea was suggested, but I didn’t use a body double,” he said.

According to reports, the outside world has been speculating on the health of the 71-year-old man. Putin himself likes to emphasize that he stays fit through sports.