Electrical steel, also known as silicon steel sheet, is an important soft magnetic alloy indispensable in the power, electronics and military industries. It is also the metal functional material with the largest production volume. It is mainly used as the iron core of various motors, generators and transformers. Its production process is complex and the manufacturing technology is strict. The manufacturing technology and product quality of electrical steel plates are one of the important indicators to measure the level of special steel production and technological development of a country.

The total output of electrical steel in the world is approximately 7 million tons. At present, especially with the rapid development of China’s electric power and electrical appliance industries in recent years, China’s demand for silicon steel sheets has increased rapidly. In 2004, consumption accounted for almost half of the world’s silicon steel sheet production, causing China’s silicon steel production to enter a During the period of rapid development, it was still unable to meet domestic demand. In 2004, it imported 1.64 million tons of silicon steel sheets.

Electrical steel has a history of hundreds of years. Electrical steel includes electrical steel with Si<0.5% and silicon steel with 0.5~6.5% Si. It is mainly used as the core of various motors, transformers and ballasts. It is an important part of electric power, electronics and An important soft magnetic alloy that is indispensable in the military industry.
Electrical steel is the largest used magnetic material and is also an important energy-saving metal functional material. The manufacturing process and equipment of electrical steel, especially oriented silicon steel, are complex, the composition is strictly controlled, the manufacturing process is long, and there are many factors that affect performance. Therefore, the quality of oriented silicon steel products is often regarded as an important indicator of a country’s special steel manufacturing technology level. , and won the reputation of “art product” among special steels.