Company philosophy
Become a sincere and reliable material supplier and solution partner for users to achieve sustainable and win-win development.

Oriented electrical steel
The company provides technical support from material selection, design to manufacturing for transformer factories:
1. Core design and material selection support to control cost and performance by design;
2. The iron core materials and structure are continuously optimized to achieve technical cost reduction;
3. Iron core processing and manufacturing support to achieve the best match between materials and equipment;
4. Recommended applications of new products and new technologies to enhance the competitiveness of transformer products.

Complete oriented electrical steel product system and development direction
1. Experience: 40 years of R&D, production and application technology research
2. Variety: ordinary type, high magnetic susceptibility type, magnetic domain refinement high magnetic susceptibility type, low noise characteristics, environmentally friendly coating oriented electrical steel products, full range and full variety
3. Grade: The highest grade iron loss is less than 0.65W/Kg