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What is the purpose of So-Lucky Steel after sales service?

So-lucky Steel always adheres to the corporate culture of “integrity, pragmatism, lean and innovation”, is committed to “quality first”, strives to provide high-quality products for owners, and strives to satisfy customers. We always believe that customer satisfaction is far more important than competition. Our company strictly performs the after-sales service tasks specified in the contract and is always ready to serve customers.

What is the objectives of So-Lucky Steel after sales service?

High quality and perfect after-sales service is the extension of our product value and an important guarantee for the interests of customers. The purpose of our service quality management system is to establish and continuously improve a scientific, reasonable and efficient service quality management system, fairly, accurately and timely complete the after-sales service quality assurance of customers, and establish a good, comprehensive and sufficient service system for our customers.

Are there some Regular tracking service after sale?

According to the customer’s requirement, our company will regularly contact users during the maintenance period of relevant products / Engineering / technical projects, ask about the use status and problems during this period, provide reference suggestions to help users and answer relevant questions.

Do you have some Feedback record after sale service?

Our company will record in detail the problems and relevant information about the products / technologies provided by our company fed back by users in the feedback record item in the user’s file, and make counter-measures in time.

Customer Service   

If you have any other problem and question when in the process about our steel products, you can email to us to get the solution. you can also give us message at below, we will answer you ASAP.