Pickling Steel

The pickling treatment of steel is widely used to remove the scale on the surface of cold-rolled plate blank, that is, hot-rolled plate. For example, the surface treatment of hot-rolled section steel such as phosphating or coating is required to remove the scale before processing; Surface pretreatment of welded pipes before galvanizing or other hot-dip coating and electroplating; Surface treatment before cold drawing of annealed steel such as pipe, profile and wire rod; Rust removal treatment before electroplating and brush plating and similar treatment in the production of stainless steel and special steel. Pickling is still an indispensable process in steel production and steel surface treatment.

The delivery condition

Follow the delivery condition for Picking Steel Poducts, the category of Picking Steel Poducts includes Picking Steel coils and Picking Steel plate.

The Picking Steel Poducts Wrapper Code

there are different packing  wrapper code for Picking steel products as below.

M0: simple packaging code of steel coil, applicable to direct users near the manufacturer
M8: steel coil simple packaging code,
M0 + peripheral cladding plate is suitable for direct users near the manufacturer
N0: simple packaging of steel coil
N1: add plastic sleeve on N0 Foundation

pickling steel products

pickling steel products

N0,M0,M0+,M8 is generally used for domestic market;

N1 is generally used for export abroad

Picking Steel Prices

Pickling steel Prices is mainly determined by steel coil weight, packaging mode, transportation distance and delivery way and other factors.

1. how to measure the weight of steel plate or coil?

The nominal weight of the coils is as weighted. For coils, the weight range differs according to the lines.
The available weight increases when the width increases. The available weight is listed as following:

steel coils price: parameter*width*Unit Price

steel sheet/plate price: width*length*thickness*parameter*number of sheets *Unit Price

2. packaging mode

the different packaging mode will affect the final price.  if you are not sure about the packaging mode, we can give you the professional advice.

3.transportation distance and delivery way

So-Lucky can provide you the variety delivery way, for instance, train, plane, ship or automobile. The delivery time is also important for you, if you ensure the transportation distance and delivery way .

If you are interested with our pickling steel coil or sheet/plate, get more pickling steel price here. we will answer you as soon as possible.