Cold Rolled Steel

Steel producing by cold rolling is Cold Rolled Steel. Cold rolled steel processing is to further roll No. 1 steel plate to the target thickness at room temperature. Compared with hot-rolled steel plate, cold-rolled steel plate has more accurate thickness, smooth and beautiful surface, and also has various superior mechanical properties, especially processing properties. Because the cold-rolled original coil is brittle and hard, it is not suitable for processing, so generally, the cold-rolled steel plate is required to be delivered to the customer after annealing, pickling and surface leveling. The maximum thickness of cold rolling is less than 0.1-8.0mm. For example, the thickness of cold rolled steel plate in most factories is less than 4.5mm; The minimum thickness and width are determined with the equipment capacity and market demand of each factory.

Cold Rolled Steel Processing

The hot-rolled steel coil is used as the raw material for cold rolled steel after acid pickling to remove the oxide scale. The finished product is the cold rolled steel coils. Due to the cold work hardening caused by continuous cold deformation, the strength and hardness of the cold rolled coil increase and the toughness and plasticity index decrease. Therefore, the stamping performance will deteriorate and can only be used for simple deformed parts. The cold rolled coil can be used as the raw material of the hot-dip galvanizing plant, because the hot-dip galvanizing units are equipped with annealing lines. The weight of cold rolled coil is generally 6 ~ 13.5 tons. The hot-rolled pickling coil is continuously rolled at room temperature. The inner diameter is 610mm.

Cold Rolled Steel Products

Cold rolled steel sheet

It is the abbreviation of ordinary carbon structural steel cold rolled sheet, also known as cold rolled sheet, commonly known as cold sheet, which is sometimes mistakenly written as cold rolled plate. Cold plate is a steel plate with a thickness of less than 4mm made of hot-rolled steel strip of ordinary carbon structural steel after further cold rolling. Because it is rolled at normal temperature and does not produce iron oxide scale, the cold plate has good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy. Combined with annealing treatment, its mechanical and technological properties are better than hot-rolled steel sheet. It has been gradually used to replace hot-rolled steel sheet in many fields, especially in the field of household appliance manufacturing.

Cold rolled ordinary steel sheet

It is made of ordinary carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel by cold rolling. The surface quality of cold rolled sheet is good. Good stamping performance. It is required to ensure that the cold bending and cup test are qualified. It is commonly used in automobile and other industries and raw materials of coated plates.

Cold rolled high quality steel sheet

It mainly includes all kinds of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheets. The most commonly used is carbon structural steel sheets, especially cold-rolled steel sheets for deep stamping. They are cold-rolled sheets made of low-carbon high-quality steel 08Al. The steel sheets are divided into three groups according to surface quality; I, II and III respectively represent particularly high-grade, high-grade and high-grade finished surfaces. According to the drawing level, they are divided into ZF, HF and f (representing the most complex, very complex and complex parts used for punching and drawing). According to the allowable deviation of steel plate thickness, they are divided into a and B accuracy, which are widely used in automobile and tractor industry.

Cold rolled steel plate

With smooth surface and excellent processing, it is used for automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, industrial equipment and various building materials. With the development of economy, cold-rolled steel sheet has been called the necessary material in modern society. Classification of cold rolling products: hot rolling pickling, hard rolling, ordinary cold rolling, galvanizing (electro galvanizing, fingerprint resistance, hot galvanizing), aluminum zinc plating, electro tin plating, color coating, electrical steel (silicon steel sheet), etc.

Cold Rolled Steel Application

Cold rolled steel is widely used in various fields, such as construction, machinery, household appliances and coating industries because of its good surface flatness, finish, high stamping performance and dimensional accuracy, and its non-aging, low yield point and good stamping performance.

cold rolled steel application

The delivery condition

Follow the delivery condition for Cold-rolled steels, the category of Cold-rolled steels includes cold-rolled steel coils and cold-rolled steel plate.

cold rolled steel plate and coils

Cold rolled steel coils/plates/sheet

Cold rolled steel is a strip of thin steel made by cold extrusion (not heating, instead hot rolling). It is to roll the steel into the shape we want through cold water. It is to use the machine to make the unformed material into a thin steel in the shape of strip by extrusion under very cold conditions, and then make the coil we need through various processing forms and cold treatment, including cold steel coil ,cold rolled steel plate, cold colled steel sheet. Cold rolled steel coil is also called cold rolled coil in short.

You can see more factory about cold-rolled steel as below.

cold rolled steel coils and plate

Cold rolled Steel Prices

Cold rolled steel Prices is mainly determined by steel coil weight, packaging mode, transportation distance and delivery way and other factors.

1. how to measure the weight of steel plate or coil?

The nominal weight of the coils is as weighted. For the asrolled coils, the weight range differs according to the lines.
The available weight increases when the width increases. The available weight is listed as following:

cold rolled steel coils price: parameter*width*Unit Price

cold rolled steel sheet/plate price: width*length*thickness*parameter*number of sheets *Unit Price

2. packaging mode

the different packaging mode will affect the final price.  if you are not sure about the packaging mode, we can give you the professional advice.

3.transportation distance and delivery way

So-Lucky can provide you the variety delivery way, for instance, train, plane, ship or automobile. The delivery time is also important for you, if you ensure the transportation distance and delivery way of cold-rolled steel.

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