Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel refers to ordinary carbon construction steel, which can effectively prevent steel corrosion and rust after galvanizing, so as to prolong the service life of steel, including electro galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. Generally used for building exterior walls, such as glass curtain wall, marble curtain wall and aluminum curtain wall as columns and stress-bearing materials, or for outdoor telecommunications towers, highways and other open-air buildings, steel is called galvanized steel, in which galvanizing is divided into hot-dip galvanizing and electro galvanizing.

Galvanized Steel Products

Galvanized Steel Products at So-Lucky Steel Factory

Galvalume Steel

Galvalume(GL) Steel is also known as hot dip galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing: it is an effective metal anti-corrosion method, which is mainly used in metal structures and facilities in various industries. It is to immerse the derusted steel parts into the molten zinc at about 500 ℃, so that the zinc layer is attached to the surface of the steel members, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel, is also Cold galvanized steel or electro galvanizing. With a small amount of zinc, only 10-50g / m2. It is a process that uses electrolysis to attach a layer of metal film to the surface of metal or other materials. The process of forming a uniform, dense and well bonded metal layer can prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflectance and beauty.

Galvanized Steel Application

So-Lucky Steel collects the main application scope of galvanized steel: industry, construction, power facilities, chemical facilities, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, municipal facilities, agricultural facilities, communication facilities, fire-fighting facilities, railway, highway transportation facilities and other fields.

Galvanized Steel Application

Galvanized Steel Application in different industry

The delivery condition

Follow the delivery condition for Galvanized steel, the category of Cold-rolled steels includes Galvanized steel coils and Galvanized steel plate.

cold rolled steel plate and coils

cold rolled steel plate and coils in the So-Lucky Steel Factory

The difference between hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing

1. The corrosion resistance is different. Hot galvanizing is dozens of times that of cold galvanizing.

2. The operation methods are different: hot plating is zinc plated in 450-480 degree molten zinc solution, and cold plating is zinc plated by electroplating or other methods at room temperature.

3. The thickness of hot-dip galvanizing is much greater than that of cold galvanizing.

4. The surface smoothness is different. The appearance of cold galvanizing is smoother and better than that of hot galvanizing.

5. The price of hot-dip galvanizing is higher than that of cold galvanizing.

δ、 Cold galvanizing can only be plated on one side, and hot galvanizing should be fully plated.

7. The adhesion of cold galvanizing is not as good as that of hot galvanizing.

8. The charging standards are different. Hot dip galvanizing is charged according to the thickness of the material, and cold plating is mostly charged according to square meters.

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Galvanized steel product

Galvanized Steel Coils product

Galvanized Steel Prices

Galvanized steel Prices is mainly determined by steel coil weight, packaging mode, transportation distance and delivery way and other factors.

1. how to measure the weight of steel plate or coil?

The nominal weight of the coils is as weighted. For the asrolled coils, the weight range differs according to the lines.
The available weight increases when the width increases. The available weight is listed as following:

Galvanized steel coils price: parameter*width*Unit Price

Galvanized steel sheet/plate price: width*length*thickness*parameter*number of sheets *Unit Price

2. packaging mode

the different packaging mode will affect the final price.  if you are not sure about the packaging mode, we can give you the professional advice.

3.transportation distance and delivery way

So-Lucky can provide you the variety delivery way, for instance, train, plane, ship or automobile. The delivery time is also important for you, if you ensure the transportation distance and delivery way of all the steel products.

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