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Which series of steels does So-Lucky Steel provide product service?

Hot rolled steel, Cold rolled steel, galvanizing steel, pickling steel, automobile steel, household appliance steel and so on. You can see more at So-Lucky Steel Product column.

Which industry is your steel product service mainly suitable for?

Automobile, kitchenware, food, telecommunication, and Chemical Industry and so on. You can see more application at steel series product page.

Can So-Lucky Steel provide GMW standard steel product service?

Sure, So-Lucky Steel supplies Automotive steel with standard GMW、FE、 TSG、 EN、 GS 、VW50065. If you want DIY, you can also contact us.

Is there a product service standard?

Yes, we follow the industry product standard, and 100% quality assurance, which support third-party testing. You can also give us your requirement about products and application you need, later we will give you a detailed price about the steel coils or plates.

Do you have any certifications about product service?

Yes, our products passed the standard of quality management system.

What is the thickness of the steel product?

Complete specifications.

Is the steel provided by So-Lucky Steel of good quality?

Our product is 100% quality assurance, which can support third-party testing. we can give you a certifaction about our products, parameters and some attiontions for you. You can choose what you need for your industry manufacturing.

What industry are the aluminum materials we provide used in?

Automobile and home appliance industry. The main Aluminum products is 5s and 6s. If you have any other requirement, you can tell us, we can do our best service for you.

Customer Service

If you have any other problem and question when in the process about our steel products, you can email to us to get the solution. you can also give us message at below, we will answer you ASAP.