American Standard

So-Lucky Steel is committed to providing customers with a whole supply chain solution for the Automobile industry, American Standard steel can provide you the American Standard series automobile steel product to support your company or factory. You can also get more die test or mass production materials, various processing schemes, special-shaped parts, laser welding, etc. for supporting stamping parts, sheet metal parts manufacturers, and household appliances manufacturers of major automobile main engine factories.

The following of American standard car model is as below:

American standard car model

American Standard car model grades

The follow is the Available grades of American Standard car model(in total 31 kinds of American Standard products model).

Model NumberModel Number
ASTM A653 DDS Type ASAE J2340 300XF
ASTM A653 DDS Type BSAE J2340 340XF
ASTM A653 DDS Type C-G30SAE J2340 420XF
ASTM A653 DDS Type C-G40SAE J2340 490XF
ASTM A653 DDS Type C-G60SAE J2340 550XF
ASTM A653 DDS Type C-G90ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade30
ASTM A653 DDS Type C-G100ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade33
SAE1015ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade36
SAE1020ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade40
SAE1035ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade45
SAE1045ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade50
SAE1050ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade55
SAE1055ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade60
SAE1018ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade70
SAE1022ASTM A-1011M HSLAS-F Grade80

American Standard Business Cooperation

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