MBN11251 Automobile Steel

So-Lucky Steel is committed to providing customers with a whole supply chain solution for the Automobile industry, can provide die test or mass production materials, various processing schemes, special-shaped parts, laser welding, etc. for supporting stamping parts, sheet metal parts manufacturers, and household appliances manufacturers of major automobile main engine factories.

The following of MBN11251 car model is as below:

MBN11251 car model

Automobile Steel MBN11251 Grades

There are 106 kinds of MBN11251 Grade Steel products model in total as below.

Model NumberModel Number
MBN11251-CR290Y490T-DPMBN11251-HR340LA GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR330Y590T-DPMBN11251-HR380LA GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR440Y780T-DPMBN11251-HR420LA GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR590Y980T-DPMBN11251-HR460LA GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR700Y980T-DPMBN11251-HR500LA GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR180BHMBN11251-CR290Y490T-DP GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR210BHMBN11251-CR330Y590T-DP GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR240BHMBN11251-CR440Y780T-DP GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR280BHMBN11251-CR590Y980T-DP GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR160IFMBN11251-CR700Y980T-DP GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR180IFMBN11251-CR290Y490T-DP GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR210IFMBN11251-CR330Y590T-DP GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR240IFMBN11251-CR440Y780T-DP GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR1MBN11251-CR590Y980T-DP GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR2MBN11251-CR700Y980T-DP GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR3MBN11251-CR180BH GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR4MBN11251-CR210BH GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR5MBN11251-CR240BH GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR6MBN11251-CR280BH GI70/70 U
MBN11251-HR700MCMBN11251-CR180BH GI50/50 U
MBN11251-HR550MCMBN11251-CR210BH GI50/50 U
MBN11251-HR500MCMBN11251-CR240BH GI50/50 U
MBN11251-HR460MCMBN11251-CR280BH GI50/50 U
MBN11251-HR420MCMBN11251-CR160IF GI70/70 U
MBN11251-HR340MCMBN11251-CR180IF GI70/70 U
MBN11251-HR300MCMBN11251-CR210IF GI70/70 U
MBN11251-HR500LAMBN11251-CR240IF GI70/70 U
MBN11251-HR460LAMBN11251-CR160IF GI50/50 U
MBN11251-HR420LAMBN11251-CR180IF GI50/50 U
MBN11251-HR340LAMBN11251-CR210IF GI50/50 U
MBN11251-HR300LAMBN11251-CR240IF GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR210LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR1 GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR240LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR2 GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR270LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR3 GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR300LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR4 GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR340LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR5 GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR380LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR6 GI70/70 U
MBN11251-CR420LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR1 GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR460LA GI70/70 UMBN11251-CR2 GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR210LA GI50/50 UMBN11251-CR3 GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR240LA GI50/50 UMBN11251-CR4 GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR270LA GI50/50 UMBN11251-CR5 GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR300LA GI50/50 UMBN11251-CR6 GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR340LA GI50/50 UMBN11251-CR420LA GI50/50 U
MBN11251-CR380LA GI50/50 UMBN11251-CR460LA GI50/50 U

MBN11251 Business Cooperation

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FAQ About MBN11251

What is MBN11251 steel?

MBN11251 steel is a series of Mercedes-Benz compliant automotive steels, a high-strength, low-alloy steel specially designed for the production of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The steel has a yield strength in excess of 100ksi and is able to withstand high temperatures and pressures. MBN11251 steel is also corrosion and wear resistant.

What are the chemical components of MBN11251 steel?

MBN11251 alloy steel is composed of iron, carbon, manganese, silicon, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and nickel. This high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel is ideal for construction and manufacturing applications where weight reduction is a primary concern. The chemical composition of MBN11251 steel provides higher strength and hardness than traditional carbon steel, while maintaining good ductility and weldability. The chemical composition of specific steel grades will vary slightly.

Taking MBN 11251-1 CR240LA as an example, the chemical composition is as follows:

C% Si% Mn% P% S% Al% Ti% Nb% Cu%
≤0.10 ≤0.50 ≤1.00 ≤0.030 ≤0.025 ≥0.015 ≤0.15 ≤0.09 ≤0.20

What are the mechanical properties of MBN11251 steel?

Take, for example, the grade MBN 11251-1 CR240LA, which is a cold-rolled low-alloy automotive steel conforming to Mercedes-Benz, which has above-average yield strength and below-average ductility. This makes it an ideal material for many construction applications, a common use being the construction of bridges, buildings and other structures, where its high strength and low weight make it an ideal choice. Its specific mechanical properties are as follows:

Yield strength (YS): 240-320MPa

Tensile strength (TS): 320-430MPa

Elongation after breaking EL (%): ≥27%

R: ≥0.15

What types of MBN11251 steel are there?

There are four types of MBN11251 steel:

  1. Type I – This type of steel is the most common and is usually used for general purposes. It is also the most weldable and has the lowest carbon content.
  2. Type II – This steel is less weldable than Type I, but has a higher carbon content, making it stronger and more durable. It is typically used in high strength applications.
  3. Type III – This steel is the most weldable of the three types, has a lower carbon content and is more ductile. It is often used in applications that require good formability, such as automotive parts.
  4. Type IV – Due to the high carbon content, this steel is the strongest and also the most difficult to weld. It is often used in critical load-bearing applications such as construction equipment or bridges.

What are the characteristics of MBN11251 steel?

Steel is an important material in many industries, playing a key role in construction, automotive manufacturing and other industrial applications. Steel’s strength, durability, and other valuable properties make it the first choice of many manufacturers. MBN11251 steel is a popular steel for certain applications. This strong and reliable metal has properties that make it ideal for specific uses. In this article, we’ll explore the properties of MBN11251 steel to help you determine if it’s right for your next project.

What are the advantages of MBN11251 steel?

There are many advantages to using MBN11251 steel. Some of these advantages include:

  1. MBN11251 Steel is an extremely strong and durable metal ideal for use in construction projects or other applications where strength and durability are required.
  2. MBN11251 steel is resistant to corrosion and rust, which means it will last longer than other types of steel outdoors or in high humidity environments.
  3. MBN11251 steel is easy to weld and process, it is a versatile material suitable for various projects.
  4. MBN11251 steel has high heat resistance, which is very suitable for use in high temperature environments or projects that require welding.
  5. MBN11251 steel is available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect material for your project needs.

In summary, MBN11251 steel has many excellent properties that make it ideal for a variety of different applications. Its high strength-to-weight ratio, low carbon content and excellent weldability make it one of the most popular steels on the market today. With its versatile properties and relatively low cost, this alloy is sure to please you!