Special Steel

Special Steel is the abbreviation of Special purpose steel, Special steel refers to another component made of steel that works under special conditions and has special requirements for steel, such as physical, chemical, mechanical and other properties. In some degree, special steel is an important symbol to measure whether a country can become a powerful steel country.

Special steels are also special quality alloy steels. These steels refer to steels with electromagnetic, optical, acoustic, thermal and electrochemical effects and functions. Commonly used are stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, electrical silicon steel, electronic pure iron and various precision alloys (soft magnetic alloy, elephant magnetic alloy, elastic alloy, expansion alloy, thermal double alloy, resistance alloy, galvanic couple material, etc.).

Special Steel Coils

Special Steel Coils

Special Steel Classification

According to the purpose, special steel can be divided into eight categories: high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool (die) steel, high-speed tool steel, bearing steel, spring steel (carbon spring steel and alloy spring steel) and stainless steel (heat and acid resistance).

Except for high-quality carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel and carbon spring steel, the rest are alloy steel, which accounts for about 70% of special steel.
According to the technical content and product grade, it can be roughly divided into three levels: first, low-end special steel products dominated by high-quality carbon structural steel (carbon steel); Second, middle end special steel products represented by alloy steel (except stainless steel, tool steel, die steel and high-speed steel); Finally, there are high-end special steel products represented by stainless steel, tool steel, die steel and high-speed steel.

Stainless steel is named for its good corrosion resistance. Its main alloy components are chromium and nickel.

Global distribution

Special steel producing countries in the world

There are nearly 2000 brands and 50000 varieties of special steel in the world. The world’s main special steel producing countries are Sweden, Japan, the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and South Korea, which account for more than 90% of the global special steel trade. Sweden is the country with the highest proportion of special steel in the world and is famous for highly specialized production. Japan’s special steel represents the highest level in the world, with a large proportion of high-end products and strong comprehensive competitiveness.

Chinese special steel industry

Chinese special steel industry was originally built for national defense, military industry and aerospace. In recent ten years, with the growth of the automobile industry and the transformation of the machinery industry to high-precision equipment, the output of special steel has developed rapidly, and the varieties are becoming more and more complete and diversified. The output of special steel in China accounts for about 15-20% of the world. Special steel has achieved good development in product R & D, independent innovation and high-end self-sufficiency.

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Special Steel Price

Special steel Price is mainly determined by steel coil weight, packaging mode, transportation distance and delivery way and other factors.

1. how to measure the weight of steel plate or coil?

The nominal weight of the coils is as weighted. For the asrolled coils, the weight range differs according to the lines.
The available weight increases when the width increases. The available weight is listed as following:

steel coils price: parameter*width *Unit Price

steel sheet/plate price: width*length*thickness*parameter*number of sheets *Unit Price

2. special steel packaging mode

the different packaging mode will affect the final price.  if you are not sure about the packaging mode, we can give you the professional advice.

3.transportation distance and delivery way

So-Lucky can provide you the variety delivery way, for instance, train, plane, ship or automobile. The delivery time is also important for you, if you ensure the transportation distance and delivery way of Special steel.

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