Tinned Steel

Tinned steel sheet, commonly known as sheet metal (SPTE), refers to the cold-rolled steel sheet with a thin layer of metal tin on the surface. It has certain strength and hardness, good formability and easy welding. The tin layer is non-toxic and tasteless, and the surface is bright. Tin mainly plays the role of preventing corrosion and rust. According to the production process, it is divided into hot tinned steel plate and electroplated tinned steel plate.

Tinned steel plate (commonly known as tinplate) is a steel product with multi-layer protective film (layer) based on stamping thin steel plate and tinned on its surface. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, surface gloss, light weight, high strength (relative to paper, wood and composite materials), easy printing, welding and processing, and strong adaptability to ambient temperature. Therefore, more than 70% of the total output of tinned steel plate is used for food and beverage packaging. In addition, it is also a packaging and raw material supplier for chemical, pharmaceutical, electromechanical, hardware, telecommunication and instrument industries.

Tinned steel sheet product

Tinned Steel Sheet

Tinned Steel features

The main feature of tinned steel plate is that the tinned layer has the dual properties of electrochemical cathode and anode protection, that is, in the inner wall of food cans with complex mixture (or weak acid hydrolysate) and certain vacuum, the potential is lower than that of the base material iron, and tin is the anode. Its dissolution protects iron. Within the validity period of food cans, the amount of tin dissolved is basically harmless to human body; The outer wall is in the atmospheric solution, and the tin coating is in the state of cathodic protection, which has sufficient chemical stability, which is unmatched by other can making materials.

Tinned Steel Application

Tinned steel is widely used in various fields, such as construction, machinery, household appliances and coating industries because of its good surface flatness, finish, high stamping performance and dimensional accuracy, and its non-aging, low yield point and good stamping performance.

Tinned steel application

Tinned steel application

The delivery condition

Follow the delivery condition for Cold-rolled steels, the category of Tinned steel includes Tinned steel coils and Tinned steel plate.

Tinned steel sheet

You can see more factory about Tinned steel as below.

Tinned steel factory

Tinned steel Delivery

Tinned steel Prices is mainly determined by steel coil weight, packaging mode, transportation distance and delivery way and other factors.

1. How to measure the weight of steel plate or coil?

The nominal weight of the coils is as weighted. For the asrolled coils, the weight range differs according to the lines.
The available weight increases when the width increases. The available weight is listed as following:

Tinned steel coils price: parameter*width*Unit Price

Tinned steel sheet/plate price: width*length*thickness*parameter*number of sheets *Unit Price

2. Packaging mode

the different packaging mode will affect the final price.  if you are not sure about the packaging mode, we can give you the professional advice.

3. Transportation distance and delivery way

So-Lucky can provide you the variety delivery way, for instance, train, plane, ship or automobile. The delivery time is also important for you, if you ensure the transportation distance and delivery way of Tinned steel.

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