Chrysler steel FAQS

What is Chrysler steel?

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Chrysler automobile steel is the automobile steel conforming to the Chrysler standard, mainly including cold rolled, hot rolled and some high-strength steel with good formability, deep drawing property and non-aging property. This steel is widely used in metallurgical industry and automobile industry.

What are the grades of Chrysler steel?

Cold-rolled series grades include:








Hot-rolled series grades include:






What is the chemical composition of Chrysler steel?

Carbon C%: ≤ 0.01

Silicon Si: ≤ 0.3

Manganese Mn: ≤ 0.9

Phosphorus P: ≤ 0.08

Aluminum AL: 0.01

Titanium Ti: ≤ 0.12

Sulfur S: ≤ 0.025

Nb: ≤ 0.09

What are the mechanical properties of Chrysler steel?

Yield strength: 210-270MPa

Tensile strength: 340-430MPa

Elongation after fracture: ≥ 33%

*YS – yield strength, tensile strength TS – these two are for tensile strength, yield strength is flexible material, refers to the critical yield stress value of the material, and the critical point is the yield strength between the strength caused by elastic deformation and plastic deformation. Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress that the material bears before breaking.

What is the process flow of Chrysler steel?

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Chrysler has four main processes, as follows:

1 Smelting. The smelting process pays great attention to reducing the content of C, N and non-metallic elements (O, S, P) in the inclusions to ensure the purity of the steel. Add appropriate Ti and Nb.

2 Hot rolling. The slab heating temperature shall be adopted for hot rolling, which is slightly higher than Ar3 finish rolling temperature. After finishing rolling, the slab shall be cooled rapidly and the high temperature curling shall be conducted.

3 Cold rolling. The annealing process should be as high as possible and the cold rolling rate should be higher. The R value decreases with the increase of cold rolling pressure of IF steel, and ensuring sufficient cold rolling reduction is one of the important conditions to obtain high r value.

4 Annealing. The recrystallization annealing process completes the recrystallization texture and grain growth of ferrite. The annealing performance directly determines the deep drawing property of steel. We often use continuous annealing to ensure full recrystallization.

What are the characteristics of Chrysler steel?

  1. High strength and good cold formability, suitable for making structural parts such as automobile girders
  2. It has good stamping forming performance and is suitable for making car girders, wheels, etc. It has good stamping forming performance and is used for making structural parts such as car frame longitudinal beams, cross beams, etc.
  3. It has good flash welding performance, cold forming performance, extended flange performance, fatigue performance and painting performance, and can be applied to the manufacturing of automobile rims and spokes of various corresponding levels
  4. It has good cold forming performance, extended flange performance, fatigue performance and painting performance, and is suitable for spinning spoke manufacturing of corresponding levels. It is used to make stamping and welding structural parts such as axle housing and axle of automobiles. It is used to make stamping structural parts such as rolled wheel spokes of cars.
  5. It has good cold forming performance and is used for automobile structural parts such as crossbeam and engine support,

It is used for manufacturing the middle and bottom plates of car compartments, car frame, rear frame and other parts 08ZH is used for manufacturing the transmission shaft tubes of cars

  1. It has the characteristics of pure steel, uniform structure, good stamping performance, etc., and is used to make automobile supports and fasteners of different stamping levels, instead of cold-rolled stamping steel plates with thickness gauge of more than m.

What is unique about Chrysler steel?

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  1. Safety

As a vehicle, safety is the first priority. Without safety, there will be no market space, let alone development. Therefore, as the main body to ensure the safety of automobile manufacturing, Chrysler steel plate must be developed and researched on this basis, so as to achieve mass production and promotion. The development of today’s society is no longer to advance at the expense of safety, but to achieve progress and development on the premise of ensuring safety. It is based on this concept that Chrysler Steel has studied and promoted high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel, and has been continuously applied to body manufacturing.

  1. Economy

Economy is the condition for a thing to be popularized and popularized. Only when it is popularized and conducive to the development of society can it play its greatest role. Based on this, Chrysler Steel has been popularized, promoting the progress of the whole society and playing a huge potential.

  1. Fuel

The power of automobile comes from oil, which makes Chrysler Steel rely on and flourish to today’s scale. If it is not dependent on this energy, maybe Chrysler Steel is another scene. Of course, it is also the dependence on oil that gradually runs out. It is testing the next direction of Chrysler Steel.

4 Environment

The environment has always been the basis of human survival, and any action that destroys it is a trample on human life, while Chrysler Steel is the game balance between human activities and living conditions, which requires it to play its role to the maximum extent and provide beneficial space for human activities.