M089-27 Steel FAQS

What are the characteristics of M089-27 steel?

M089-27N is a cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel, also known as electrical steel or ferrosilicon, a modern version of traditional steel, designed with superior magnetic properties. Silicon steel is used to produce electrical components such as transformers and alternators. M089-27N silicon steel is a cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation more than 30 years ago.

What is the chemical composition of M089-27N steel?

M089-27N steel is an alloy containing 3% silicon. As a soft magnetic material, due to its strong Gaussian texture, it has low iron loss and high magnetic induction along the rolling direction. It is mainly used in transformer cores. The main chemical element content of M089-27N steel is as follows:

Carbon C: 0.04-0.08

Silicon Si: 2.80-3.40

Manganese Mn:0.06-0.12

Sulfur S: 0.020-0.030

Phosphorus P:≦0.010

Aluminum AL: 0.02-0.03

Nitrogen N: 0.006-0.009

What is the production process of M089-27N steel?

The production process of M089-27N steel is as follows:

Molten iron demanganization→LD converter RH vacuum treatment→continuous casting+electromagnetic stirring→casting heating→rough rolling→finish rolling→normalization+pickling→cold rolling→decarburization annealing, coating Mg0 isolation layer→bell furnace high temperature annealing→ Stretch leveling annealing, coating insulation → cutting, packaging.

What are the mechanical properties of M089-27N steel?

Tensile strength: 357-441MPa

Elongation: 10%

Hardness: 178HV5

Number of bends: 20

Stacking factor: 97.5%

What is the hardness of M089-27N steel?

M089-27N steel takes Vickers hardness as the measurement standard. Vickers hardness refers to the diamond square cone indenter with a load of less than 120kg and a vertex angle of 136° pressed into the surface of the material, and the surface area of ​​the indentation pit of the material is divided by The load value is the Vickers hardness value (HV)

The Vickers hardness of M089-27N steel is: 178HV5

What is the density of M089-27N steel?

The theoretical density of M089-27N steel is 7.65kg/dm³

What is the iron loss of M089-27N steel?

Iron loss includes hysteresis loss, eddy current loss and residual loss of magnetic materials, and the unit is W/kg (Watt/kg). Hysteresis loss refers to the inherent loss of ferromagnetic material as a magnetic medium under a certain excitation magnetic field; (the loss generated in the process of converting electric energy to magnetic energy); eddy current loss refers to the induction of the iron core when the magnetic flux alternates. The electromotive force then generates induced current, which is in the form of a vortex, called eddy current; the loss generated by the induced current on the core resistance is eddy current loss; the residual loss refers to the loss other than hysteresis loss and eddy current loss, due to the proportion small and negligible. The maximum iron loss value of M089-27N steel is 1.4p.

What is the magnetic induction of M089-27N steel?

The minimum magnetic induction of M089-27N steel is 1.80B

What is the product specification of M089-27N steel?

Available product thickness: nominal thickness is 0.27mm

Available product width: 850-1200mm

Product inner diameter: 508mm

Dimensions and plate type tolerances are as follows:

Nominal thickness Nominal Thickness Allowable Deviation Longitudinal thickness deviation Lateral Thickness Deviation Width tolerance unevenness Sickle bend within 2m
mm mm mm mm mm % mm
0.27 ±0.025 ≦0.025 ≦0.015 0~+1 ≦1.5 ≦0.9

What are the advantages of M089-27N silicon steel?

M089-27N steel is an electrical steel specially designed for use in electric motors and generators. It has many advantages over other types of electrical steel, including:

  1. Improve efficiency: MN silicon steel M089-27N has higher silicon content than other types of electrical steel, which makes it have better magnetic properties. This increases the efficiency of motors and generators made of M089-27N steel.
  2. Reduce iron loss: The increased silicon content in M089-27N steel also reduces iron loss, which means less energy is wasted in the form of heat. This makes M089-27N steel ideal for use in high-efficiency electric motors and generators.
  3. Enhanced durability: M089-27N steel is also more resistant to damage from thermal cycling and mechanical vibration than other types of electrical steel. This makes it ideal for applications where reliability and durability are critical, such as aerospace and military applications.

Are there any disadvantages of M089-27N silicon steel?

The main disadvantage of M089-27N silicon steel is high carbon content and easy to corrode. The high carbon content makes the steel difficult to weld, and its susceptibility to corrosion means it is not suitable for use in areas where there is a risk of exposure to salt water or other corrosive materials.

What are the benefits of using M089-27N steel?

  1. M089-27N steel is an efficient electrical conductor – electrical steel

As an efficient conductor of electricity, it helps minimize energy losses in power transmission and distribution systems. In fact, electrical steel is often used in energy-efficient transformers and motors, as it can help reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.

  1. M089-27N steel is a durable material:

Electrical steel is a very durable material, ideal for products and applications that require long-term reliability. For example, many electrical components and devices contain electrical steel because it can withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with electrical current.

  1. M089-27N steel is a recyclable material:

Another significant advantage of M089-27N electrical steel is that it is a recyclable material. This means that at the end of its useful life in one product or application, electrical steel can be recycled and used again in another application. This helps conserve natural resources and reduce waste.

What are the application fields of M089-27N silicon steel

M089-27N steel is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of applications. Its high silicon content makes it ideal for electrical and electronic applications as well as mechanical and structural applications. It also has good corrosion resistance and weldability.

In summary, M089-27N silicon steel is an excellent choice for those interested in rugged and reliable electronic components. Its high magnetic permeability, low hysteresis loss, and low core loss make it suitable for a variety of applications including motors, transformers, generators, etc. The combination of its excellent properties make this silicon steel one of the best on the market today.