The wave of strikes by workers from all walks of life in the United States is intensifying. On the 23rd, the United Auto Workers union once again expanded the scope of the strike to a large pickup truck factory of the automaker Stellantis near Detroit. A total of about 6,800 employees left their jobs that day.

The United Auto Workers union said the strike expanded because Stellandis made the “worst proposals” for wage increases, temporary worker pay, a move to full-time and cost-of-living adjustments.

Since the three major automakers, General Motors, Ford and Stellantis, cannot meet autoworkers’ demands for wage increases, unemployment, and medical insurance, the United Auto Workers union organized workers to go on strike since the 15th of last month. So far, The total number of striking members has exceeded 40,000, accounting for approximately 27% of the total employees of the three major automakers. Wells Fargo analysts estimate that the strike will cost Stellantis $200 million a week.