What is HC180BD+Z?

HC180BD+Z is a high-strength, low-alloy cold-rolled hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, where HC stands for high-strength continuous cold-rolled steel sheet, 180 is the value of the minimum yield strength, BD stands for hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, and +Z stands for surface After normal galvanized treatment. This steel is commonly used in fields such as automobile manufacturing, construction and machine building.

What are the chemical composition of HC180BD+Z?

Carbon (C) content: ≤0.12%

Silicon (Si) content: ≤0.50%

Manganese (Mn) content: ≤2.50%

Phosphorus (P) content: ≤0.035%

Sulfur (S) content: ≤0.025%

Aluminum (Al) content: ≥0.015%

Titanium (Ti) content: ≤0.100%

Niobium (Nb) content: ≤0.090%

Vanadium (V) content: ≤0.20%

What are the mechanical properties of HC180BD+Z?

Yield strength (min): 180 MPa

Tensile strength: 270-370 MPa

Elongation (min): 34%

Impact toughness: -20℃, average value ≥27 J

Hardness (HV): 170-230 HV

In addition, HC180BD+Z has good formability and weldability, and can be cold-formed and processed when manufacturing parts with complex shapes. At the same time, after hot-dip galvanizing treatment, the surface has excellent corrosion resistance.

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What are the advantages of HC180BD+Z?

High strength: HC180BD+Z steel has high yield strength and tensile strength, which can meet the high requirements of mechanical properties.

Excellent formability: The steel has good cold-bending formability, can manufacture parts of various shapes, and is not prone to defects such as cracking and fracture after forming.

Good corrosion resistance: the surface treated by hot-dip galvanizing can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of HC180BD+Z steel and prolong its service life.

Good weldability: The steel has good weldability and can be connected using various welding methods.

What are the disadvantages of HC180BD+Z

Relatively high cost: Compared with ordinary low-alloy steel, HC180BD+Z has a higher production cost and is more expensive.

In some special working environments, its corrosion resistance may not be ideal, and protection and maintenance work must be done.

How is HC180BD+Z used as automotive steel? What part of the car is it usually used in?

HC180BD+Z is a high-strength, low-alloy steel commonly used in automobile manufacturing. Its strength and formability make it very suitable for various parts and components of automobiles, such as body, frame, door, hood, Chassis, wheels, etc.

Specifically, HC180BD+Z steel is generally used in the following automotive parts:

Body: As a structural part of the body, the steel plate needs to have high strength and excellent formability. HC180BD+Z steel can be used in body outer panels, inner panels and reinforcements.

Chassis: The chassis is the supporting structure of the car and needs to bear a large load. HC180BD+Z steel can be used to manufacture chassis beams, brackets, suspension systems and other parts.

Hood, car door: These parts need to have good stamping performance and surface quality, and also need to have a certain strength. HC180BD+Z steel can be used to manufacture the inner and outer panels of these parts.

Wheels: Wheel parts such as hubs and rims need to have sufficient strength and toughness to withstand the impact and vibration of the vehicle during driving. HC180BD+Z steel can be used to manufacture the support structure of the wheel.

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What are the coatings of HC180BD+Z?

The coating of HC180BD+Z mainly includes the following two types:

Zinc layer: The main coating of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is zinc layer. The zinc layer can effectively prevent the corrosion of the steel surface and protect the steel from oxidation and corrosion.

Aluminum-zinc coating: On the surface of the zinc layer, an aluminum-zinc alloy layer can be coated to form an aluminum-zinc coating. Compared with the pure zinc layer, the galvanized layer has better corrosion resistance and longer service life, and is often used in automobiles and building materials that require higher corrosion resistance.

It is worth noting that the coating thickness of HC180BD+Z is generally between 5-30 microns, and the specific thickness will be adjusted according to the application requirements and relevant standards.

How is HC180BD+Z galvanized?

The galvanizing process of HC180BD+Z steel generally adopts hot-dip galvanizing technology, and the main steps are as follows:

Pretreatment: Before galvanizing, the surface of the steel plate needs to be cleaned and pretreated to ensure the adhesion and quality of the galvanized coating. Pretreatment mainly includes degreasing, derusting, surface activation and other steps.

Molten zinc tank: The molten zinc tank is the main equipment for hot-dip galvanizing. In the molten zinc tank, the molten zinc is heated to a high temperature so that it is in a liquid state. After the steel plate is pretreated, it is slowly immersed in the molten zinc tank through the steel belt conveying system.

Hot-dip galvanizing: The steel plate is immersed in molten zinc solution, and the zinc solution melts on the surface of the steel plate and forms a chemical reaction with the surface of the steel plate to form a uniform zinc coating. During the hot-dip galvanizing process, the surface temperature of the steel plate will rise, and at the same time, the oxide film on the surface of the steel plate will be eliminated, thus ensuring the adhesion and uniformity of the zinc coating.

Cooling and finishing: After hot-dip galvanizing, the steel plate needs to be cooled and finished. Usually, water cooling and air drying are used to reduce the temperature and humidity of the steel plate surface to a certain range. At the same time, the steel plates will be trimmed, tidied and packaged.

In short, the hot-dip galvanizing technology of HC180BD+Z steel can effectively improve the corrosion resistance and service life of steel, and is widely used in automobiles, construction, home appliances and other fields.

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