M530-50A Steel FAQS

What is M530-50A steel electrical steel?

M530-50A steel is a special processed high-strength steel with good magnetic properties. Commonly used in transformers, motors and other electrical equipment. This steel is produced through a process called cold rolling, which increases its strength and hardness. It also has a higher carbon content than other types of steel, which makes it more resistant to wear.

M530-50A steel is a medium carbon low alloy steel with high strength and good ductility. This steel contains small amounts of manganese, silicon, vanadium and other elements that increase its strength and hardness. M530-50A steel is used in a variety of applications including transformer cores, solenoid cores, electromagnets, electric motors and generators.

What is the standard for M530-50A steel?

M530-50A steel is cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel conforming to European standard EN10106-1996.

What is the production process of M530-50A steel?

Hot metal desulfurization pretreatment→converter blowing→vacuum treatment→continuous casting→hot rolling→combined pickling and cold rolling unit→electrical steel annealing and coating unit→electrical steel trimming and recoiling unit→outside shearing unit

What is the chemical composition of M530-50A steel?

M530-50A steel is a soft magnetic material with excellent electrical conductivity. The main property of this steel is its high magnetic permeability, which makes it ideal for use in electrical equipment. This steel also has good weldability and formability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The chemical composition of M530-50A steel is:

Carbon (C): 0.45%

Silicon (Si): 2.5%

Manganese (Mn): 0.6%

Phosphorus (P): 0.035%

Sulfur (S): 0.04%

What are the physical properties of M530-50A steel?

Nominal thickness: 0.50mm

Nominal width: 700-1260mm

Theoretical density: 7.70KG/dm3,

Stacking coefficient %: ≧97.0

What is the iron loss of M530-50A steel?

Iron loss refers to the total power absorbed by a unit mass of material when the magnetic induction intensity changes sinusoidally and its peak value and frequency are specific values. The iron loss symbol is represented by P (10Bm/f), and the unit is W/kg. Iron loss .P15/50 W/kg of M530-50A steel: ≦5.30

What is the magnetic induction of M530-50A steel?

The magnetic induction intensity refers to the peak value of the magnetic induction intensity corresponding to the peak value of the specific magnetic field intensity when the sample is subjected to alternating magnetic changes. The magnetic induction intensity is represented by the symbol B (0.01H), and the unit is T. The peak value of the magnetic induction intensity B50T of M530-50A steel is greater than or equal to 1.65T.

What are the available specifications of M530-50A steel products?

Available thickness: 0.50mm

Available width: steel strip 40~1290mm (cut edge)

Packing method: horizontal

Coil weight range: 1~10t

Steel coil inner diameter: F508mm

Steel coil outer diameter: F800~1550mm

Thickness and width allowable deviation specified value:

Nominal thickness Thickness tolerance
0.50mm ±T×8%
Nominal width L Width tolerance
trimming No trimming
700≤L≤1000 0~+1.0 0~+5
1000(L≤1260 0~+1.5

What are the product features of M530-50A steel?

a. High dimensional accuracy, good surface quality and high stacking factor.

b. The surface is coated with insulating film, which has good insulating performance and processing performance.

c. Low iron loss and high magnetic induction.

What is the method of using M530-50A steel?

M530-50A steel is a transformer steel with a silicon content of 1.5-4.5%. It is characterized by high magnetic permeability and low coercive force. M530-50A steel is commonly used in the manufacture of transformers and inductors.

To use M530-50A steel, first determine the required material thickness and width. M530-50A steel is usually sold in sheet or coil form. Next, cut the material to size using power tools or hand tools. Always wear protective equipment such as gloves and goggles when using power tools.

Once the material is cut to size, it can be formed into the desired shape using cold or hot rolling methods. Cold rolling is generally used for thinner materials, while hot rolling is more suitable for thicker materials. Once formed, the materials can be welded or soldered together as desired.

M530-50A steel has excellent magnetic properties and high mechanical strength. It is ideal for a wide variety of transformer and inductor applications.

What are the advantages of M530-50A steel?

M530-50A steel is a non-oriented silicon steel with a history of more than 70 years. This type of electrical steel is becoming more and more popular with manufacturers due to its unique properties and advantages over other types of steel.

M530-50A steel has many advantages that make it an ideal material for a wide range of applications. Its high resistivity and low coercive force make it resistant to electromagnetic fields, while its high magnetic permeability makes it ideal for use in transformer cores. In addition, its excellent corrosion resistance ensures years of service even in the harshest environments.

What are the disadvantages of M530-50A steel?

M530-50A steel is characterized by high magnetic permeability and low coercive force. However, this material also has some disadvantages.

First, the iron loss of M530-50A steel is relatively high. This means that when this material is used in electric motors or generators, it leads to a reduction in the efficiency of these devices. In addition, M530-50A steel is also prone to corrosion. Problems can arise if the material is used in an environment where salt or other corrosive substances are present.

What are the applications of M530-50A steel

M530-50A steel is mainly used for transformer cores. The silicon content in this steel helps limit eddy current losses in the transformer core. This type of electrical steel also has good magnetic properties and high mechanical strength. It can be used in a variety of applications, including:




-Electrical Equipment

What information do I need to provide to buy M530-50A steel?

When ordering, users need to provide the following information:

  1. a) grade
  2. b) Specifications
  3. c) Type of coating
  4. d) Edge states (EC, EM)
  5. e) weight
  6. f) Packing method (vertical or horizontal)
  7. g) Purpose