SAPH310 Steel FAQS

What is SAPH310 steel?

“SAPH310” is an automotive structural steel produced by Baosteel. Used for automotive structural parts such as automotive frames and wheels that require molding performance.

Is SAPH310 steel hot rolled or cold rolled?

SAPH310 steel is a kind of hot-rolled pickled steel plate, which refers to the hot-rolled steel plate after pickling. After the hot-rolled sheet is produced, it is cleaned with an acidic solution to remove the scale and oxides on the surface, and the bare metal with excellent surface quality can be obtained, which can be further processed or used directly according to different application requirements.

What is the difference between SAPH310 steel and ordinary hot rolled steel plate?

  1. Better surface quality. Compared with ordinary hot-rolled steel plates, SAPH310 steel has been pickled to remove the oxide scale on the surface, which improves the surface quality of the steel and is more suitable for welding, oiling and painting.
  2. The dimensional accuracy is higher than that of ordinary hot-rolled steel plates. The flattened SAPH310 steel plate shape changes, reducing the unevenness.
  3. SAPH310 steel is more beautiful than ordinary hot-rolled steel plates.

What is the gauge of SAPH310 steel?

SAPH310 steel is a structural hot-rolled steel for automotive bodies that has a thickness of 1.6 to 4.5 mm and a width of 700 to 1,850 mm. This type of steel is used for a variety of purposes, such as forming and joining auto parts, and for constructing vehicles and buildings.

What is the manufacturing process of SAPH310 steel?

The main processes of SAPH310 steel production are:

Laser welding, stretch straightening, turbulent pickling, online leveling, trimming and online oiling, etc.

The main processes of SAPH310 steel production are:

Laser welding, stretch straightening, turbulent pickling, online leveling, trimming and online oiling, etc.

Process characteristics of SAPH310 steel:

The low-temperature coiling method is adopted, and the continuous cooling method in the front section is preferred to refine the grains, so as to ensure the mechanical performance requirements of the steel.

Combined with the characteristics of subsequent treatment of hot-rolled pickled slabs, through a reasonable hot-rolling process, the slab heating temperature, final rolling coiling,

Adjusting the thickness of the intermediate billet and reasonable thickness compensation and other favorable measures, on the basis of ensuring the strength, further

Further improve the stamping performance and thickness dimensional accuracy of SAPH310 steel products.

What kind of standard steel is SAPH310 steel?

SAPH310 steel is an automotive structural steel that complies with Baosteel’s standards. The following table will show you its standards and uses more clearly:

varieties Baosteel enterprise standard fairly international standard use
Standard no. brand Standard no. brand
Automobile structure steel Q/BQB 310-


SAPH310 JIS G3113 SAPH310 for formability car performance Components, wheels, etc.Vehicle Structural Parts

What is the chemical composition of SAPH310 steel?

Carbon C: ≤0.10%

Silicon Si: ≤0.30%

Manganese Mn: ≤0.30%

Phosphorus P: ≤0.035%

Sulfur S: ≤0.035%

Aluminum Alt: ≥0.010%

These elements are the main components of SAPH310 steel, and this is only an approximate range, and the specific content can be combined according to your needs.

What are the mechanical properties of SAPH310 steel?

The mechanical properties of SAPH310 steel are shown in the table below:

brand Tensile test
SAPH310 The yield strength
Tensile strength Nominal thickness
<6.0 6.0-<8.0 ≧8.0
≧310 ≧185 ≧185 ≧175

*The specified value of the tensile test is applicable to the longitudinal sample; the sample with L=50mm and b=25mm is taken for the tensile test, which is the P14 sample in GB/T 228.

* The specified value of the bending test is applicable to the dry transverse specimen, the width of the bending specimen b≥ 20mm, and the width of the specimen in the arbitration test is 20mm

*When the yield phenomenon is not obvious, use R.0.20

*The upper yield strength of grade SAPH310 is a reference value, not a guarantee condition.

What are the main features of SAPH310 steel?

SAPH310 steel is a popular steel widely used in the automotive and construction industries around the world. It is known for its excellent formability, weldability, and excellent combination of strength and toughness at low temperatures. To understand how SAPH310 steel can benefit manufacturers, it is important to understand its properties and applications. In this blog post we discuss the properties of SAPH310 steel including surface finish options, mechanical properties, corrosion protection, heat treatability and more.

SAPH310 steel is a high strength structural premium steel with excellent tensile and forming properties. It is suitable for automotive structural parts such as automotive components and wheels that require formability.

SAPH310 steel has good weldability and machinability, making it ideal for a variety of manufacturing processes. Following are some key properties of SAPH310 steel:

– Good formability: SAPH310 steel has excellent formability due to its high tensile strength and low carbon content. It can be easily formed into various shapes and components without compromising its structural integrity.

– High strength: With a tensile strength of 310 MPa, SAPH310 steel is one of the strongest steels on the market. It is ideal for applications requiring high strength and durability.

– Excellent weldability: SAPH310 steel can be easily welded using standard welding techniques. Its good weldability makes it ideal for the manufacture of structures and components subjected to high stress.

What are the benefits of using SAPH310 steel?

SAPH310 steel is a hot-rolled steel used for automotive structural parts that require good formability, such as frame, beam, etc. It is also frequently used in cold rolled applications such as Cold Rolled Steel Sheet (CRSS). This steel grade has a higher manganese content than other grades of SAPH steel, giving it better formability and weldability. The higher manganese content also imparts greater hardness to the steel, making it ideal for applications requiring wear resistance.

In summary, SAPH310 has several properties that make it an ideal steel for automotive engineering. It has excellent formability and weldability, good surface finish and high strength to weight ratio. In addition, it can be thermoformed or cold formed, which makes it highly versatile and has a wide range of applications. With proper care and maintenance, SAPH310 steel can provide a durable solution for any application you require.

What are the main applications of SAPH310 steel?

The application of SAPH310 steel is mainly in the following aspects:

1.Automobile chassis system, including auxiliary frame, etc.

2.Wheels, including rims, spokes, etc.

3.Drive the interior board.

4.Carriage panels are mainly various truck platform floors.

5.Other stamping parts, including bumpers, brake pads, brake sleeves and other small parts in the car.